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Netgear WGXB 102 Wall plugged extender

Netgear wireless routers are one of the best wireless networking devices available to users worldwide. Netgear has maintained its name on the top rank due to the continuous innovation in the router technology. Netgear possesses some of the high-end wireless routers in its catalog. The routers from Netgear can be easily configured through the web domain www.router login.net.

Besides producing the best wireless routers and modems, Netgear also delivers the top-notch quality range repeaters. The range repeaters are actually the devices that are used to boost up the existing poor Wi-Fi signal cover of the router. These range extenders also need to be configured prior to their addition in the wireless network. The range extenders from Netgear can be configured by accessing the web domain www.mywifiext.net.

Step by step guide for setting up and configuring your Netgear wireless range extender.
Netgear WGXB 102
The Netgear wireless range extender can be connected to your Wi-Fi router through any of the three methods stated below.

  • Connection through the WPS button
  • Connection through the Wi-Fi of the system
  • Connection through the Ethernet cable

WPS mode of connection (Netgear WGXB 102 Wall plugged extender)

The WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup) method is the best available method of connecting the range extender to the router. Establishing a secure and stable connection between the range extender and the router is much necessary as it is the only wireless method which is quite easy to use. The WPS connection between the range extender and the wireless router can be set up by following our easy setup guide mentioned below.

  • First of all open your range extender from its packing and plug it into the wall socket near your Wi-Fi router.
  • Now, press the WPS button on the back or front side of the router and within two minutes of time, you have to push the WPS button of your extender.
  • Now, if the WPS LED on both the extender and router turns solid green or amber, it indicates that the router and the extender are now connected with each other.
  • You will never need to set it up again. Just plug and play your Netgear range extender next time.
  • Follow the rest of the instructions on the screen to complete the setup between the extender and the wireless router.

Important to remember

  • Most of the Netgear wireless range extenders come with a preloaded feature of finding the best spot to place it. This feature can be utilized by seeing the navigation LED indicators.
  • If the left arrow sign LED glows red, move the extender to its left and vice versa.
  • It is recommended to place your range extender at a halfway distance between your router and the computer system.

Wi-Fi connection between the extender and the router through mywifiext.net

This is another easy method of enhancing the wireless range of your router. Just connect your extender to a power outlet nearby your Wi-Fi router and switch it on.
Wait till the Wi-Fi indicator light on it starts to blink and gets stable.
Now, open the Wi-Fi section of your PC and see the list of available wireless networks. The SSID name of your range extender will be quite identical if you are using the same brand devices.
Select the range extender network and double click it to connect with your router.
Now, open the web browser and enter the web address www.mywifiext.net to configure your extender with the router.

Netgear wireless router setup

Netgear is one of the best manufacturers of the wireless routers and other essential networking equipment. Netgear provides its user with a vast range of internet and networking gadgets like routers, extenders, Ethernet cables, Night Hawk gaming consoles, Power adapters, etc.

The Netgear has an outstanding record in delivering the high-speed internet and best networks. Netgear makes the lives of its user quite fast, easy and comfortable by giving them access to the extraordinary internet speed of 2Gbps. The reliability of the Netgear router doesn’t let its user face any network issues like low internet speed, lesser Wi-Fi signal strength etc. The Netgear Nighthawk series has a sleek and finished design built-up. This Netgear Nighthawk router comes with three detachable antennas through which we can adjust the signal strength of the router. This Netgear router has many user-friendly and advanced features like additional parental controls that can block and unblock certain websites; we can also check the network speed of the router and also limit the Wi-Fi signal to a specific limit.

The Netgear routers have an advantage over other routers that it has a predefined web address of www.routerlogin.net that can be used to access the router’s web interface for the configuration. The web address www.routerlogin.net is easy to remember and easy to use as compared to the traditional numerical links i.e. or The web domain www.routerlogin.net is preset in the network memory card of the router.

How to setup and login to the Netgear Nighthawk router?

You need to log in and configure your Netgear routers through www.routerlogin.net before they are being put to use. The Netgear also releases the updates for its routers from time to time so that the additional useful features can always be added to the router. In this section, we will show you how you can set up your router conveniently in no time.

  • Assemble the power supply adapter, modem, and the Ethernet cords with the router. Switch on the power supply after you are done assembling the enclosed parts.
  • Connect the modem to the WLAN port of the router with the Ethernet cord properly.
  • Now, connect the computer to any of the internet ports available. Make sure to connect the cord properly.
  • Open the latest updated web browsers and enter the address routerlogin.net and hit enter.
  • This will navigate you to the web interface of the Netgear Nighthawk router where you need to enter the default login credentials of username and password. The default values for the username and the password is “admin” and “password” itself. These values are case sensitive so be alert while entering them.
  • If the link routerlogin.net is not working, then try to log in to the router web interface through the link or

In this section, we will let you know how to update the firmware of your Netgear Nighthawk router.

  • The user needs to download the firmware update from the www.netgear.com/support website and save it in the desired location of your PC. Navigate to the login page of the router through routerlogin.net.
  • Navigate straight towards the “firmware update” section and browse for the downloaded update file.
  • Click on the “Update” tab and your router will start updating and within few minutes, the router will get updated to latest changes.

(Note- It is important to note that the router updating process should not be interrupted in any case because if the process is interrupted. The previous, as well as the current firmware, can get erased or corrupted and the router will be of no use. After this, the router will be ready to use.)

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